Standard DC

Our security is your safety.

A Standard DC is a medium-sized Data Center. We have one available in every district in Stockholm. Feel free to place your servers in our own modern facility at Kungsholmen. Experience real security with redundant electricity and cooling. We are responsible for operation, surveillance, and fire and burglary protection — naturally, we have several completely separate fiber connections into the Data Center.

Our Standard DC is outfitted with top-quality computer cabinets by German manufacturer RITTAL, and Coromatic is our contracting partner for operation and maintenance. Through this Data Center you can reach, via Interconnects, a large number of other DCs — should you want to scale up capacity or presence in other districts.

En stadsdel med ett tre serverrack placerade i närområdet.

New Datacenter

We are opening the doors to our new green data center!

We are strengthening our infrastructure with a new data centrally located in Stockholm! We can now offer 1MW capacity and lightning-fast layer-2 traffic, 100Gbit/s. Tailor your own solution that best fits your digital infrastructure needs. Where is your data today? With our passive mesh network and data center in your vicinity, you can improve capacity, availability and minimise your digital climate footprint.

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What is colocation?

A specially built area for safe and environmentally friendly operation of servers.

Whether you have one or few servers, it is hardly worthwhile to build your own server room to secure the operation. The data center is custom built for this purpose — it can include components, such as redundant power supply and advanced cooling systems. In a colocation area, the cost of extra security can be effectively shared.

With this, you avoid having to design and maintain your own space for your infrastructure. We offer colocation in our own Data Center in Kungsholmen, Stockholm. We have even connected Enterprise DCs, such as Equinix in Sköndal and Digiplex in Upplands Väsby, for customers with the highest demand for security and availability.


Colocation vs. Virtualization

The initial costs of establishing a data center are often high. Initial hardware must be purchased and specifically configured. The servers must also be maintained and supervised by trained personnel.

A virtualized server environment has the advantages of being scalable and more cost-effective. The underlying hardware is maintained and monitored by Layer & Mesh. No purchasing or maintenance work is required, and costs and performance can be adjusted on a daily basis.

Colocation from Layer & Mesh:


Move servers from customers to a location for easier maintenance and operation. All fiber links come in and are released at a nearby switch that simplifies management at service windows or during changes.


Our modern data center is equipped with security solutions to protect your equipment — UPS, redundant fiber, burglar protection, and cooling systems are just some of the reasons why you should feel safe with us.


Increase efficiency by making your IT infrastructure available from geographically diverse locations. With our layer 2 services, you can build your network within ours.

Add-on services


Connectivity between geographically separate offices and important hubs, such as data centers or virtualization clusters, is a prerequisite for an effective digital infrastructure. Take control with our VLAN services.

Virtual Data Center

Virtualized infrastructure for companies of all sizes. Purchase, installation, and maintenance of physical hardware should no longer be concerns for those who want to manage servers. With our triple redundant virtualization clusters, you can build a custom solution and scale as needed.


Protect your resources with a virtualized firewall. A smart centralized firewall solution can save a lot of headaches. Easy management, quick setup, and flexible firewall rules.