About us

Curious, dedicated, and embracing change. We like to explore outside the box.

Layer & Mesh is a development company and wholesale provider that offers services in infrastructure, communication, and virtualization. We work with all physical data carriers and specialize in data layers 1-2-3. Our goal is to create the opportunity for our partners to become tomorrow’s leading IT & Telecom suppliers. We deliver the tools — you decide what to develop. Together we create better services and conditions for innovation and productivity.

We have been in the industry for over 25 years and are proud to challenge the largest telecom companies in the Nordic region. Today we have Stockholm’s fastest and most redundant fiber network. Services that have previously only been available to enterprise companies with exceptional financial resources are now available to small business owners.

We are driven by challenge, innovation, and sharing knowledge and resources. We will do our part to give the next generation a flying start!

Layer & Meshs logotyp. Liknar ett och-tecken med två kvadratiska rutor som fasats ihop. Den undre representera mesh coh den över plattformslagret.
En bild från entren till showroomet. På bilden syns tre fotöljer, ett soffbord och en tavla över Stockholm.
På bilden syns ytterdörren mot Tegnérgatan och vårt inglasade datacenter med fyra rack-skåp.

Our goals

Changing, developing, and challenging tradition-laden industries.

Layer & Mesh wants to accelerate digitalization and development in all industries — primarily the IT & Telecom industry. Old thought and yesterday’s technology must not stand in the way of tomorrow’s ideas and innovation. We have the willpower and ambition to try new ways. Occasionally we fail, but most often we succeed. No matter the success we achieve, we will devote the right amount of time to curiosity and renewal.

We would rather see a significant leap in the development curve than a peak in our financial statement.

Northern Towers

The world’s first housing association with 100,000 Mbit/s?

In the summer of 2018, we connected with a partner to create the first housing association with 100,000 Mbit/s capacity. Some people claim this is unnecessary, but we must remember that network capacity has improved by 10 billion times since the early 1990s. We will need significantly faster networks than 100,000 Mbit/s when VR and AR become natural features of everyday life. With a permanent latency as low as 0.1 ms, the residents of the Northern Towers (Norra Tornen) will perhaps be the first to have the right technology to meet the demands of tomorrow.


ISP Operations begin

In 2006, one of the founders received a request from STOKAB. It was to deliver a fiber and internet access all the way from Stockholm to Nynäshamn. At the time, this was considered a really long haul. A fiber run greater than 75 miles posed a special challenge, particularly doing so in a cost-effective way. With the right will, a little courage and new technology, we managed to solve the task where most other ISPs failed. We performed the work and succeeded with the task quickly and cost-effectively. This was the starting point for the formation of “Fiber Direkt”.


1 GE standard

Fiber Direkt wants to challenge the industry and connect all Stokab area nodes with gigabit links. This is approximately the same level in the development curve that other ISPs have reached by today.



We create a new way of thinking that permeates the entire business. We adopt a new agile model for development, which will quickly take us to the leadership position regarding the pace of renewal. Without the the burden of a massive customer base and outdated infrastructure that other ISPs have, we can accelerate our technological change process. We start implementing the latest in network technology and data communication. We also promise ourselves to constantly challenge old patterns and traditions we create over time.



Fiber Direct 2.0 is launched. We avoid the MPLS protocol in favor of TRILL. With the TRILL protocol, we solve many of the capacity problems that other ISPs are struggling with. All the network nodes can now be connected to each other in a full mesh topology.


New offers launched

With a newly acquired strength and ambition to challenge, Fiber Direkt can now deliver fiber connections at unbelievable speeds. The lowest level is now 10Gbit/s. We also test at 40Gbit/s, but quickly move on to 100Gbit/s.


new business model and new name

Fiber Direkt changes its name to Layer & Mesh and now targets retailers and partners. We adopt a wholesale model for stock 1-2-3 products and clustered virtualization.


“virtual fiber” is launched

Our most recent innovation, Virtual Fiber, allows us to deliver any service that can be used on a Layer 2 network anywhere in the world by leveraging cost effective Internet access to interconnected nodes. This is the SD-WAN of the future.

What does our name mean?

Layer & Mesh are words that have had a wider global impact than many know.

Layer is often used to explain how communication occurs in different data layers. The standardization organization ISO has created a good model that describes data layers 1-7.

Mesh refers to the network topology, or full mesh model, where all nodes or access points are directly connected to all others. If this is implemented together with a protocol that allows traffic on all these links, one has a robust and redundant network with many routes.

Layer & Mesh is primarily expert in data layers 1-2-3 and full mesh technology.