Edge DC

Colocation in the neighborhood.

The future of network services places ever higher demands on the ability to quickly transport data between users and servers. Many of tomorrow’s applications and games are based on AR and VR. These technologies require extremely low latency, and therefore a shorter distance between cloud servers and the user.

Edge Data Centers (Edge DCs) are servers placed in absolute proximity of end users to create better conditions for fast traffic flows, security, and availability.

En 3D-modell av en stadsdel med ett datacenter infogat i fasaden på en av byggnaderna.

What is an Edge DC?

Servers in an optimal environment near the user.

An Edge Data Center houses servers, private clouds, and applications in close proximity to the user. This provides low latency and avoids other factors that may interfere with operation and availability. We often have an Edge DC within just a few miles distance.

Another purpose of the Edge DC is to distribute the load over a number of nodes and fiber connections. Together, all these points create significantly improved security and availability throughout the network. If a problem occurs in one Edge DC, services are relocated to another one nearby.

Layer & Mesh Edge DC


Avoid long distances and costly maintenance with colocation in an Edge Data Center — a more convenient solution for the customer who often wants to check in on their server environment.


Traffic always flows the best route through our network. Lightning fast failover dramatically increases availability — and with redundant fiber links in and out of our connected Edge DC, the customer can rest assured they always have access to their resources.


Fiber connections all the way from user to server maximize capacity and minimize latency. In addition to the experience of the server in the immediate vicinity of the user, this also provides the ability to meet the requirements of cloud-based services and applications.