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Our range of Red products are designed for those who want to build comprehensive solutions for customers with high demands on security, availability and capacity. Internet accesses between 10-100Gbit / s, communication services such as VLAN and QinQ, virtual Data Center and redundant fiber wiring are just a few examples of the services that can be chosen from this series.

All packages highlighted here are just examples of combinations you as partners can make. All services can be customized for specific customer needs from Layer & Mesh’s administration portal.

Build your own solutions with Layer & Mesh’s services as the basis for an unbeatable overall experience.

Ett kontor som står i ett meshat fibernätverk. Kontoret är omgiven av servrar, datacenter och andra komponenter där en egen publik IPv4-adress kan vara aktuell.

Modular packages

ISPaaS lays the foundation for completely new solutions.

With Red as a starting point, you as a partner can choose to design your own packages or choose one of the examples Layer & Mesh has developed. Services that can be combined under Red are:  

– Base or Extended SLA
– Internet access from 10-100Gbit / s
– Shared or static IPv4 address (1-255st)
– Virtual firewall
– Virtual Data Center
– QinQ
– SIP Trunk
– Simple or redundant fiber
– Local Data Center redundancy
– The same Internet access elsewhere

World-class IT infrastructure at unbeatable prices

Product example from the Red series. All packages can be customized according to the customer’s wishes but basically contain at least one 10Gb port.

Red Access

Extreme Speed

Internet access
10Gbit / s
1 Public IPv4 Address

Red DC

Data center package to build own infrastructure around

Port 10Gb
Local DC Redundancy
Extended SLA

Red Plus

Speed, Spine and Redundancy

Port 40GB x2
Internet Access
Public IPv4 Addresses
Virtual Firewall
Extended SLA

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We recruit customers who intend to outsource all or part of their IT operation. Anzena Outsourcing – A company for those who want to buy a feature where the user experience is in focus. Service delivery starts from co-location (high security hall with 100% uptime) to IT department on demand. We are also happy to help other operations companies that want to manage and deliver hosting from Sweden. Everything we produce and manage takes place within Sweden.


Awivos logotyp.

AWiWo delivers tomorrow’s technology for digitizing real estate today. We work with unique business models for Residential, Office and Community Properties. As a unique overall supplier and radio experts, we build an infrastructure based on each customer’s unique wishes within Mobile Coverage, Rakel, Fast/Wireless Broadband and Real Estate Networks. We also offer TV services, Passage, Port Phone, Alarm, Security Solutions.

With AWiWo you can be confident in your digitization!


BASA is a consulting firm specializing in IT issues, mainly in the construction industry. Our broad expertise enables us to deliver customized overall solutions. The close cooperation with our customers allows them to feel maximum safe with their IT systems. Every customer, large and small, is just as important to us and we always have the individual customer’s needs in focus.



Blockworks is an IT company that works with communication, storage and operational solutions, support and sales, mainly in the creative industries and services sectors. We handle IT projects all the way – from design to implementation and operation. We develop and run customers’ IT platforms and offer qualified project management.


byBrick Operations IT support Stockholm has many years of experience in supporting small and medium-sized business employees and IT environments. As a complete IT partner, we offer packaged solutions in operation, infrastructure, It support in Stockholm, IT security and managed hosting.


Centiljon’s goal is for you to get the most out of your IT environment. It should be easy to use, reliable and as maintenance-free as possible. From us you will receive personal and professional help to review your IT needs. We help you get the right equipment, make sure you get started and then can continue with what you are good at without having to think about otherwise.


Our customers in the real estate industry manage premises to companies and the public sector throughout Sweden and our hope is that we will be able to meet their need for connectivity and connection to the Internet in a more beneficial way than our competitors.

We are located in Stockholm and deliver services throughout Stockholm County. Our vision is to create close relationships with our customers. We want every customer to feel important and as a central player in the work. We therefore invest in good support, customer service and thorough follow-up of new orders.

We follow developments in the telecom industry closely and have dialogues with our suppliers and customers in order to offer a competitive and stable connection to the fiber infrastructure in Stockholm.


Let us be your extended IT department. At Dozer, we offer support within Microsoft 365, backup and desktop services. We also manage hosting in our own cloud server solution, which meets the highest redundancy requirements. Dozer has extensive experience in understanding the needs of entrepreneurs, regardless of industry. And we always work closely with our customers and sit deep into their business to be able to deliver what they need. Being a customer with us requires no technical competence. On the contrary, with ongoing support at a fixed monthly cost, you will experience that you have a fully staffed IT department sitting in the same building. So you don’t have to think about IT.


With a complete product portfolio and real understanding of our customers’ operations, DSolution delivers sustainable and competitive IT solutions. We help you with free analysis and advice for an investment, and then take a proactive holistic approach to both delivery and support. You as a customer get secure help and personal contact throughout the process from configuration, migration and implementation to service, support and operation. We also offer the best fiber/broadband connections on the market via Layer & Mesh, license management, cloud services, mobile solutions, hosting and good financing solutions, all with your needs in focus.


Our business concept is to deliver fiber and IP traffic, quickly, safely and easily. We want to make the procurement procedure easier by being direct and clear about offers and costs. Fiber Direkt excels compared to other ISP companies by delivering quality at all stages, immediate and personal treatment, as well as cutting-edge expertise in the field of fiber and IP traffic. Our vision is to become stockholm’s entrepreneur’s first choice of ISP. Fiber Direkt aims to deliver the foundation for efficient IT infrastructure, i.e. communication solutions with high performance, availability and security.


It is digitized like never before in Sweden. But what is it necessary for your business to take the step? It’s not always easy to tell. We have seen that many Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises around Sweden need support and help along the way to succeed in their digital transformation. For example, it can be difficult to find the right skills and get a close relationship with a supplier who understands one’s business and challenges. That’s where we at Gibon come in.


Kisel helps companies harmonize with their technology. Our customers are used to taking care of all the technology for them so they have to focus on doing a really good job.

We’re supposed to be honest – we love Apple and their products and are specialists in solutions for Apple iOS and macOS. But whether you work with “Mac” or “PC”, we’ll take care of you.

Welcome a lighter everyday life. Welcome harmony. Welcome Kisel


IT failure costs 44 billion a year in technology panic. Digitalization has revolutionized everything except IT-Stödet.Vi thought it was high time. Our service connects your entire digital platform and becomes your own tech team – right on mobile! All at a low, fixed price with a total overview in real time. When services, networks and user support tick as a clockwork, we help you take advantage of the digital tools in your business.


Provectum has helped small and larger customers in the Stockholm area with IT issues since its inception in 1994. We have many long customer relationships and some customers we have been working with for over 20 years. Close and long-term relationships between customer and supplier provide good conditions for a cost-effective and stable IT environment. We’ll help you with the size of small!


PrimeQ Outsourcing AB (PrimeQ) is a personal and reliable telephony and IT provider whose customers purchase a service, function or process with warranties for the desired availability.

IT365 and Tele365 respectively are two key comprehensive solutions that include operation, production, in the cloud or customer-placed with consulting, service and support in their respective fields. PrimeQ has extensive experience in customers mainly in the form of SMEs whose challenges in IT and telephony are constantly changing.


Our business concept is simple: Fixed prices, no bonding time and auto(magical) price reduction. You stay because you want to, not because you have to. Let’s show you all the ways we can help you when it comes to telephony, wifi, fiber and printers.


Zelly is an IT company in Stockholm and their business idea is simple. With modern cloud services and high skills, they enable digital transformation, primarily to SMEs and deliver this as a service. Zelly’s technicians are certified by Microsoft, ensuring knowledge and delivery. Zelly offers all its customers to purchase the services on a monthly basis without contract and binding times.


Our customers always gets:

Tre kuber står i triangelliknande formation.


Redundancy refers to multiple fiber paths for network traffic. Our Meshed TRILL network is redundant in itself but for a customer who wants redundant fiber paths all the way to their premises, we offer that service. The customer gets an extremely fault-tolerant network all the way out to their office.

En mindre och en större kub bredvid varandra.


Do not make heavy investments in hardware that will be outdated quickly. With our products you can create services for today’s needs. If these needs change tomorrow, services can smoothly and easily be scaled up or down.

En ikon som representerar en hastighetsmätare med nålen nära maximal kapacitet.


Layer & Mesh does not build networks like everyone else. We build better. A flat layer 2 network makes the network come alive. When new technologies and standards come, they can easily be implemented in our network without having to upgrade the underlying infrastructure. This means that we can always stay at the forefront of technology without affecting customers.