We have the world’s fastest metro network!

For the first time in history, network traffic is faster than hardware read and write speeds to storage media. It is now faster to transfer data between two city districts than the time it takes to process data locally between the computer’s CPU and SSD. Our partners can offer Stockholm’s economy 100,000 Mbit/s capacity and 0.1 ms latency. Information travels at the speed of light and the shortest path in our full mesh network.

How is this possible and in what way can one benefit from the technological breakthrough? Book a meeting or training with us today and we’ll tell you more.

De i stockholm belägna stadsdelarna västermalm, södermalm och norrmalm sammanlänkade över ett fibernätverk. I varje stadsdel står tre server-rack som representerar en del av ett virtualiseringskluster. Racken omges av ett cylindrisk, genomskinligt skyddshölje.

New possibilities

Layer & Mesh has chosen its own path challenging the tradition laden IT & Telecom industry.

Now we lead development and set the standard. This is accomplished with our unique wholesale model where network, virtualization and freedom of choice are combined. We also have a technical head start using TRILL and VXLAN protocols instead of MPLS.

We use thousands of routes to distribute information between different points. With AI we always have perfect load balancing. This results in a routing policy with the shortest possible latency without packet loss.

Stop worrying about availability and capacity. Take the next step in development and join us in the future.

Metro networks

It is time for a new Swedish standard.

Layer & Mesh offers metro networks of all sizes a knowledge upgrade surrounding tomorrow’s networking. It is essential that the Swedish economy has the same opportunities in the countryside as in the big city. Our goal is to facilitate a thriving countryside through a functional IT-infrastructure. One shouldn’t need to move to Stockholm to utilize 100,000 Mbit/s and 0.1ms latency. We are members of, and work together with, the Swedish Local Fibre Alliance (Svenska Stadsnätsföreningen).

A new standard for layer 2 traffic means greater opportunities for the local economy. The network should no longer be the bottleneck that hinders development.

We look forward to our dialog.

Example product packages created with ISPaaS


Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links is a communication protocol on layer 2. It is far superior to its predecessors!

Some of TRILL’s greatest strengths are even network traffic distribution and the removal of inactive and blocked links. Implementation of the TRILL protocol allows us to more closely interconnect nodes in a so-called mesh or fabric topology. This means that traffic has many paths through the network, resulting in high fault tolerance and availability.

TRILL + VXLAN gives Layer & Mesh a network with extremely high capacity, scalability, and redundancy.

Modular network

A network does not need to be flat, just appear flat.

We combine TRILL, VXLAN, and our own unique SD-WAN to create the best solutions given local conditions. A LAN can now span large geographical areas and be completely seamlessly integrated. We work with all physical layers as carriers of communication — air, fiber, and copper.