Proof of Concept

Premiere of the world’s most powerful network.

Now we can share the infrastructure, resources, and determination to create the best services with our partners. Through new platforms, everyone will be able to benefit from our knowledge, technology, and achievement.

With our rapid development of infrastructure in Layers 1-2-3, we have managed to create innovative communication solutions and share resources with high security and capacity – an increase in speed of about 10 billion times since the early 1990s. Access to our platforms and services is now faster than hardware read and write speeds towards storage media.

We are facing a paradigm shift with possibly exponential development. We are taking the first steps toward shared goals, resources, and responsibility — helping us all to achieve sustainable development and a brighter future.

De i stockholm belägna stadsdelarna västermalm, södermalm och norrmalm sammanlänkade över ett fibernätverk. I varje stadsdel står ett server-rack som representerar en del av ett virtualiseringskluster. Till vänster i bild syns ett datacenter.

Milestones March 2019

– We now reach nearly 95% of all properties in Stockholm with 100,000 Mbit/s capacity.

– We have deployed 10 Enterprise DC’s with 100,000 Mbit/s capacity.

– We have deployed 10 Edge DCs with 100,000 Mbit/s capacity.

– We have deployed 30 district nodes — smaller DC’s for cross-couplings with 100,000 Mbit/s capacity.

– Built with the world’s largest dark fiber network as foundation.

– TRILL protocol deployed.

Clustered virtualization

Unlike other stack solutions, we fully utilize the strength of the infrastructure.

We have also created a number of scalable platforms based on world-class cluster virtualization. We always cluster at least three geographically separate Data Centers (DCs), which sync all data in real-time. Choose by customer needs between simpler DCs and Enterprise DCs using all new technologies.



Our Internal infrastructure is virtualized.



3 geographically separate DCs. Hybrid solution.



3 geographically separate DCs, latency 0.1 – 0.2 ms.


Open Stack rocky deployed

3 geographically separate DCs, latency 0.1 – 0.2 ms.

New unique business opportunities and services:


Seamless movement of IP traffic is possible when changing your address.


Free 10GE ports to qualified partners in the Layer & Mesh preferred partner program.


Free 10GE ports to Enterprise DCs for preferred partners.


SD-WAN platform as a complement to alternative failover.

Layer & Meshs logotyp. Liknar ett och-tecken med två kvadratiska rutor som fasats ihop. Den undre representera mesh coh den över plattformslagret.

With the infrastructure, services, and determination to deliver something extraordinary, we can break new ground together — enjoy!