Meshed Networks

Developed by the engineers
of Layer & Mesh

World class infrastructure

Networks, virtualization, and applications combined.

Layer & Mesh wholesale gives you access to the right knowledge and technology. We develop everything with tomorrow’s capacity, accessibility, and security requirements in-mind. Combine our products and services to deliver everything from simple internet access to a complex and scalable infrastructure across all data layers. We know the technology behind all communication carriers, such as fiber, 4G, 5G, radio, and copper.

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Project Stockholm

The world’s fastest metro network with the potential to use infinitely scalable resources.

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Internet Service Provider as a Service is a unique offering for our partners.

With our entire range of services at your disposal, you can adapt everything as you desire. Add or remove a service from a point completely at any time and pay only for what is used.

We offer new tools for developing your own services and individual DNA. Contact us for more information and become a partner.

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Virtual Data Center

Do what you’re best at! Take total customer responsibility.

Virtualize your servers, scale up performance, scale down performance, and add or remove features as necessary. Put an end to your old operations and colocation burdened by long contracts and rigid terms. Our virtualization is located in several geographically separate Data Centers for optimum availability and security. We can help with planning and migration.

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News from Layer & Mesh

Switch when you can Route if you must Tuesday, July 28, 2020 - Layer & Mesh offers both switched and routed traffic to all locations in Sweden and the rest of the world.
Centralized authentication as a service (CAaaS) Tuesday, July 28, 2020 - Layer & Mesh offers implementation, training, and maintenance of centralized authentication.
New 2020 Live Demo at the Layer & Mesh Showroom Tuesday, April 14, 2020 - Invite yourself and your sales people, or why not even your customers, for one of our mini-courses.

The story

“The Internet is just a fad!”

In the mid-1990s, the founders of Layer & Mesh were pioneers with the tool that almost everyone depends on today. In just a few years, they sold over 500,000 fax modems with something new – the Internet! It was an immediate success. The Internet created a rapid disruption that has transformed almost everything in society. More recently, however, trust in the Internet has disappointed.

Digital war has accelerated. It is no longer just about government forces testing each other’s online vulnerability. Both hackers and large social networking groups can easily take down important social utilities. Several countries are now launching their own completely isolated networks. It seems increasingly that the Internet has been “just a fad” after all.

In the midst of this turbulent time of change, the idea of creating Layer & Mesh was born. A development company that assumes every day has something new to offer — new code, knowledge, protocols, or technology. With an ambition to constantly challenge, we stand for renewal and innovative opportunities.


Winner take all?

We want you to succeed! Not only do we develop unique platforms, but also the world’s fastest network. Together, this forms the basis for the next technological revolution.

We help you to convey all infrastructure: capacity, availability, security, platforms, private & GDPR compliant-cloud services, Internet access, intranet and SD-WAN solutions.


Highest availability, capacity, and security is a really good start.

Today many computers are an underutilized resource. Like many cars, they are parked at homes and businesses where they lay dormant much of the day. This is a significant waste with a gigantic environmental impact. We are facilitating a rapid change in development with a focus on shared resources. Buy only the performance you need, at the lowest cost and with the least possible environmental impact.